Active Warrant Report
Telephone: (740) 922-4795

If you see your name on this list you are advised to immediately contact the Clerk's Office at the above number to schedule a time to appear. If you do not do so, you will be arrested

If you have any information on a person on the warrant list, you should NOT take any action yourself to stop or apprehend this individual. You should contact the Clerk's Office at the number listed above.

All Law Enforcement Officers are advised that you must contact the Clerk's Office to verify the warrant information on this list before attempting to detain an individual. Although this list was last updated on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, only the Clerk's Office has the most accurate information.

1094 Active Warrants Listed
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Defendant Birth Year Case Number
Moreland, Michael A 1993 CRB2100342A
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Abel, Daniel D 1973 CRB9800830
Abney, Brent W 1976 CRB9700028
Abusalatt, Kalid N 1983 TRD0401214A
Adams, Mitchell S 1990 CRB1300379
Addy, Tawrence V 1991 CRB1400467
Agustin, Jose M 1984 TRD0900793A
Aiello, Stephen A 1991 CRB2000221A
Ainsworth, Frank D 1970 CRB2200304
Albright, Lucinda M 1964 TRD1301972A
Albright, Scott 1965 TRC0700426A
Alexander, Dustin J 1987 CRB0500887
Alexander, Janee M 1988 TRD1402526A
Alger, Kevin N 1971 TRC1301979A
Allen, Catherine J 1971 CRB2300327
Allen, Jarred L 1984 CRB1000475
Allen, Mark A 1969 CRB0400234
Allen, Micah J 1990 CRB1100083
Allen, Robert W Jr 1984 CRB1400386A
Ambrose, Joshua H 1981 CRB0000329
Anacilleta, Jose P 1968 CRB0900558
Angelo, Joshua M 1972 TRD0602261A
Applegate, Alexander G 1974 TRD1402003
Armstrong, James W 1966 CRB9600154
Armstrong, Tristan M 1992 CRB2100201
Arnold, Edward D 1967 CRB9900720
Arnold, George W II 1965 TRD0002108
Avery, Donzayle X 1992 TRD1301624A
Ayers, Jeffrey E 1966 TRC1300810A
Azbell, Billy U 1968 TRD0802361A
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Babcock, Shannon L 1978 CRB1100310
Bachman, Christine E 1980 TRD1902901A
Bailey, Arthur L 1984 CRB2000104A
Bair, Spencer L 1986 CRB1900723
Bair, Susan M 1970 CRB9500535
Baker, Dusty L 1979 CRB2100045
Baker, Jennifer L CRB0500212
Baker, Timothy 1992 CRB1200466
Balder, Cory 1986 CRB2100455A
Balder, Ricky L 1959 CRB1800525
Ball, Jonathon M 1981 CRB0100394A
Ballou, Charles E 1982 CRB0700214
Banks, Anton L 1972 CRB9900533
Barrientos, Gustavo 1988 TRD1402771A
Barrios, Thomas J 1984 TRD1100649A
Bartholow, Tommy L 1961 CRB0200231
Bartnicki, James W CRB9800963
Bartram, Eddy 1969 TRD0901484A
Beans, Sandy L 1961 CRB0400475
Bearing Billman, Nicholas T 1995 CRB1500282A
Beatty, Charles R 1976 CRB2300081
Beatty, Kassidy K 1988 TRD2400212
Beatty, Timothy A II 1990 CRB2300540
Beckett, David A 1998 CRB1700639
Beckett, Dennis D 1956 TRC9102902
Beckett, Gavin A 2003 CRB2300368A
Belanger, Kirk O 1955 CRB9600803
Belcher, Vincent C 1956 CRB0400126
Beling, Travis J 1983 CRB1700636B
Bell, Derek 1989 CRB1800594
Bell, Dwight M 1967 TRD9500986
Bell, John H 1963 TRC9502694
Benafield, Kevin E 1970 TRD9101445
Bennett, Brian O CRB0000807
Bennett, David D 1971 TRD0202815A
Bennington, Pamela S 1960 TRD0400602A
Bentley, Teddy L 1982 TRD1700231A
Berenguer, Juan C 1986 TRD1101962A
Bergman, Robert J 1999 CRB1700721
Bess, Bryan P 1977 TRD0900857A
Best, Chance L 2002 CRB2300421A
Bingham Jr, Robert E 1976 TRD9502970
Bisel, Amie J 1974 TRC1500647A
Bissett, Ricky L 1957 CRB9800746
Bitticker, Blake J 1983 TRD2000258A
Black, Dwayne T 1988 TRD2301590A
Blackburn, John A 1987 CRB1700704A
Blackson, Robert 1962 CRB2300384
Blackwelder, David R 1976 CRB0400863
Blue, Valerie L 1962 CRB1100378
Boggess, John H Jr 1967 CRB0800300
Boggs, Johnathon G 1983 CRB1900261A
Boise, Craig A 1970 TRD1101478A
Boor, James W Jr 1976 TRD9502365
Bopp, Donna J 1960 CRB9900106
Borland, Thomas A 1976 CRB1300672
Borton, Rebecca L 1983 CRB2400209
Boughman, Anna M 1978 CRB0300101A
Bowen, Elster Jr 1962 CRB2000129
Bowyer, Duane P 1964 CRB1700072A
Boyd, Amie B 1985 CRB1800828A
Bozarth, William G 1981 CRB0400039
Bradshaw, Terry J 1978 CRB0200723
Brand, Kevin A 1979 CRB1100399
Brauning, Alex M 1986 TRD1602132A
Braxton, James R 1979 CRB0400785
Brean, Corley E 1974 TRD0002047
Bresse, Joseph 1979 CRB1300669A
Brestle, Kevin A 1990 CRB1100459A
Brewer, Bobby G 1952 CRB1600191
Bricker, Dawn M 1966 CRB1600476
Broadwater, Brendan R 1994 CRB1700339
Brooks, Meredia 1995 TRD1403114A
Brown, Devaughne D 1988 CRB1600488
Brown, Harry N 1969 CRB9700757
Brown, Henry M TRD1000282A
Brown, Hope D 1965 TRD9401000
Brown, William W 1987 TRD1503369
Browne, Terri A 1955 CRB0900647
Brugman, Karl E II 1980 TRC0101927A
Brumley, Benjamin T 1955 TRC9201895
Buckey, Jay D 1984 CRB0300183
Bulen, Michael A 1975 TRC1501856A
Bull, Nicholas A 1982 TRC1402509A
Bullock, Chris 1989 TRD1001740A
Burall, Shane M 1976 CRB0100383
Burgett, Jerod K CRB1100549
Burke, Larry D 1961 TRD1100125A
Burns, Cameron 1961 TRC0101386A
Burnsworth, Amanda V 1987 CRB1400042
Burton, Bobby J III 1984 TRC0500364A
Bush, Theresa G 1962 CRB0000800
Bustamante, Julio C 1985 CRB0700812A
Butcher, Nicholas R 1981 TRD1700445
Butler, Keith A 1961 TRD1100003A
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Campbell, Eugene Sr 1959 TRD0400720
Campbell, Robert A 1972 TRC9402845
Campbell, Zachary M 1986 CRB0900209A
Cantrell, Dennis W 1967 CRB9500613
Carlisle, Daniel J 1976 CRB9800850
Carmany, James H 1974 CRB0500395
Caroll, Jacob M 1991 CRB1900517
Carothers, Dale I III 1973 TRD1900819A
Carothers, Jason C 1976 TRD1802653A
Carpenter, Joshua 2000 CRB2300597
Carpenter, Joshua A 2000 CRB2300560
Carson-Petty, Darnell 1992 CRB1300438
Carter, Chad D 1981 CRB1900540A
Carter, James C II 1971 TRD1001761
Cartwright, Charles E 1945 CRB1900206
Cartwright, Debra L 1964 TRC9501767
Castelucci, Richard A 1975 TRC9801436
Cavasos, Rolando 1976 TRC9902883
Celestin, Joel Jr 1982 CRB1600252
Chaires, Daniel 1988 TRD1400225A
Chaney, Denise R 1964 CRB1900272
Channell, Chester S Jr 1979 CRB0300242
Chapman, Donald R Jr 1967 TRD9501835
Chapman, Ronald M 1973 CRB9600096
Christensen, Leahanna J 1989 CRB2000424
Christmas, Goldie L 1980 CRB0700686A
Christner, Scott A 1983 CRB1300236
Chute, Estella F 1973 CRB0500297
Ciarrochi, Tina L 1962 CRB0500753
Civiello, Garrett L 1991 CRB2100393
Clark, Erica N 1983 TRD2200833A
Clark, James E 1950 TRC9101538
Clark, Michael L 1987 CRB0500538
Clawson, Charles E 1976 TRD0600511A
Clemens, Noel C 1970 CRB0600663
Click, Robert E 1964 CRB1100514
Cline, Danny J 1958 CRB1000058
Cline, Michael A 1979 CRB0000791
Clum, Faith M 1983 CRB2100467A
Cody, Frederick 1990 CRB1000560
Coen, Dwight C 1977 TRD1700542A
Coffee, Tamicka E 1980 TRD0303587A
Collins, Barbara 1979 CRB9900129
Collins, Jeffery A 1968 TRD0200718A
Collins, Kenneth A Jr 1970 TRD9901609
Collins, Michael E 1962 CRB0700800
Collins, Natalie N 1978 TRD1002168A
Collins, Rachel M 1985 CRB2100193
Collins, Shaine M 1979 CRB0000447
Collins, Troy T 1988 TRD1902693
Combs, Joshua M 1985 TRD1700267A
Conley, Brian E 1969 CRB0200593
Contento, John A 1964 TRC1602912A
Cook, Merilyn P CRB9700291
Cooksey, Sonya R 1962 TRD0003121
Cooley, Holli A 1988 CRB0800167A
Cooley, Trenton J 1994 CRB1400605
Coons, Carl A 1977 CRB9800943
Cooper, Shawn A 1983 CRB1100571A
Cooper, Shawn A 1983 CRB1800401
Coppin, Mark D 1960 TRD1701158A
Coppin, Warren K 1962 TRC9603145
Corbett, Shannon F 1979 TRD9902178
Corder, Shawn M 1968 TRC9701627
Cordon, Marvin H 1978 TRD0602332A
Cornish, William M 1963 TRD0500557A
Corpman, Cassidy A 1991 CRB2100273
Cortmel, Ted E 1963 CRB0200761A
Cosner, Jeremy A 1992 CRB2400202
Cottrell, Andrew L 1987 TRD1202441A
Cottrell, Tina M 1969 CRB0600023
Cotty, Raul 1981 TRC2200399A
Coverdale, Melissa S 1983 TRC1000259A
Cox, Linda K 1963 TRD0501243A
Cox, Matthew E 1982 TRC0202340A
Cox, Patricia L 1937 CRB0300891
Crall, Ramona K CRB9800892
Creager, Christopher A 1990 CRB1000551
Crescencio, Gregorio F 1973 TRC2000899A
Crim, Pam 1959 CRB0200230
Criss, Richard 1980 TRD9901422
Criss, Tonya J 1981 TRD0400172A
Crosby, Mark W 1974 TRD9401529
Cross, Patricia A 1981 CRB1200735
Crowe, Tina M 1956 CRB0200079
Cruz, Pablo 1971 TRD0801919A
Cundiff, Donniel C 1978 TRD0304106A
Czupih, John J 1972 TRD0303153A
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Dalton, Matthew A 1998 TRD2100051
Dampier, Hugh P 1956 CRB0000509
Danielson, Linn 1960 CRB1100249
Danner, Jesse L 1989 TRC1802477A
Dart, Randy R 1964 TRC9902603
Davidson, Jessica L 1985 CRB0500537A
Davidson, William W Jr 1960 TRD1803203A
Davignon, Jean L 1989 TRD1400545A
Davis, Deshawn L 1978 CRB0000120
Davis, Jerry J 1957 CRB9500119
Davis, Joseph L 1991 TRD1703317A
Davis, Rhonda D 1972 TRD0800279A
Davis, Steven P 1991 CRB1500357
Dawson, Anthony E 1968 CRB0400412
Daye, Jerry R 1968 TRC9500863
Deem, Franklin K 1956 CRB1400664
Deets, Christopher L 1961 CRB1000379
Definbaugh, Harley 1982 CRB1100130
Deibel, Bryan S 1977 TRC0201408A
Delacruz, Javier A 1977 TRD0601637
Deland, Ronald T 1954 CRB9600034
Delaney, Antonio L 1988 TRD2000682A
Delavergne, Michelle A 1972 CRB0700131
Delci, Gabrial P. TRD9900938
Dembowski, John W 1982 CRB1900141
Demuth, Todd A 1985 CRB0300691
Dennis, John R 1987 CRB1700291A
Deslatte, Dominic J 1976 TRC2001245A
Deveau, Gina M 1983 CRB1600500A
Diano, James 1947 CRB2000383
Dibenedetto, Joseph J 1977 TRC1601152A
Dickerson, Jeremi L 1984 TRD0401622
Dickerson, Stacy D 1972 CRB1600360
Dietrick, David 1983 CRB1700347
Dinkins, Mike W 1962 TRD1603010A
Dipasquale, Michael A 1992 TRC1902044A
Dittmer, Cheryl S 1962 CRB1500677
Dockery, Eric D 1987 TRD1400848A
Donohoe, Brett A 1987 CRB1300069
Dorsey, Dale R Sr 1964 TRC1701195A
Dorsey, Douglass R 1954 TRC9500880
Drabic, Virgil E CRB9400170
Drake, David E 1970 CRB1200710
Drescher, William L 1964 TRC0400754A
Dryden, Kenneth F 1963 TRD1202250A
Dungee, Michael A 1979 TRC0800563
Dunlap, James E 1949 TRD0200048A
Dunphy, Jessica K 1982 TRD0302872A
Duran, Thomas L 1966 CRB0600034A
Duty, Jessica L 1985 CRB1500179A
Dyer, Ronald R Jr 1969 CRB0500338
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Eakin, Steve CVI0000197
Eakin, Suzanne 1959 TRD9802372
Easton, Aaron 1978 TRD0000878
Ecker, Kevin T 1985 CRB0700319A
Edens, John H 1972 CRB0700772
Edmisten, Richard A 1970 TRC1201272A
Edwards, Johnathan D 1992 TRD1703157A
Edwards, Joshua L 1980 CRB0200132
Eikenbary, Mark D 1964 TRC0300307A
Eikleberry, Barbara A 1938 TRC9502924
Elder, Joseph L II 1985 CRB0600105
Elder, Joseph L II 1985 CRB0500663
Elliot, Dawn R 1961 CRB0100161
Elliott, Natasha M 1989 TRD1601596A
Ellis, Jared C 1987 TRD2100978A
English, Ashley A 1985 CRB1700382A
Enold, Jane M 1960 TRD9100459
Erlandson, Loren J 1962 TRC1902849A
Espenschied, Brock M 1992 CRB2300087
Esque, Richard G 1957 CRB9500101
Ethridge, Connie M 1963 TRC8500824
Evans, Brenton C 1990 CRB1700602
Evans, Brenton C 1990 CRB1700602
Evans, Corralee M 1977 CRB0700829
Evans, Jesse L 1982 CRB0200704
Evans, Lucain X 1978 CRB9700727
Evans, Maurice G CRB1900573
Everett, Roger L 1941 TRD0801345A
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Fagan, Joshua A 1992 CRB2300523A
Farrell, David L 1944 TRC9801415
Fasnacht, Michael J 1984 TRD1602740A
Faulkner, Jack 1955 CRB9500423
Felgenhauer, Michael V 1971 TRD1101198
Felipe Godines, Diego 1962 CRB0800717
Fellows, Diana L 1979 CRB2300119A
Felton, Blake A 1981 CRB1000587
Ferguson, Heath A 1974 TRC0201647A
Ferguson, Jason L 1977 TRD0601526A
Feurstein, Susan M 1970 CRB1400640A
Filmer, Tracy A 1975 CRB1000653
Finley, Barbra M 1973 CRB1700179
Fisher, Bryan H 1986 CRB2100360A
Fisher, Richard W Jr 1960 TRC9802643
Fitzgerald, Westley D 1994 CRB1500664
Flaherty, Kalleen N 1979 CRB2000385A
Flanagan, Ray R 1956 TRC9203111
Flanagon, Guy M 1963 TRC0100302A
Fletcher, Mark L 1959 TRC9502137
Floyd, Christi 1976 TRD0400070
Ford, Clemma A 1982 CRB2200015
Forney, Aaron 1973 CRB0900533
Fortune, Robert E Jr 1992 CRB2200109
Foster, Dan F 1958 TRC9002099
Fowler, Feleno D Jr 1983 TRD2101269
Fowler, Jonnvier A 2002 CRB2100239
Fox, Robert C 1954 TRC8600951
Fracchione, Tony M 1971 CRB2400077A
Franks, Stephen G Jr 1974 CRB1800234B
Franks, Stephen G Jr 1974 CRB1800692A
Frechette, Joseph W CRB9700302
Freeman, William 1961 CRB9700122
Freeman, William A 1961 TRD0000229
Freeze, Jimmy D 1974 CRB0000087
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Gamble, James R 1993 CRB2200531
Gamble, Wayne A 1960 CRB0200182
Gantz, Mack A 1991 TRD1602030A
Garbrandt, Charles A 1984 CRB1000024A
Garbrandt, Michael W 1982 CRB2200312
Garbrandt, Michelle L 1973 TRD2300285A
Garbrandt, Robbie L 1978 TRD1402333A
Garcia Candido, Alvarez 1982 CRB2300007
Garcia, Erasto 1982 TRC0702367A
Garcia, Jose L 1978 TRD1501467A
Garcia, Mary 1966 CRB0300080
Gardner, Lee A 1961 TRD0600845A
Gardner, Ronald W 1980 CRB0300618
Garner, Kirsten B 1998 CRB1800292A
Gaskins, Claude A 1965 TRC9602836
Geair, Christopher G 1974 CRA2200185
Gearhart, Katelynn M 1992 CRB1200756
Gerthing, Clarence W 1966 TRD1602479A
Gerych, Cherie L 1954 TRD2000042A
Gibbs, Judith A 1951 TRD1700338A
Gibson, Charles G 1959 TRD1701124
Giesey, Rodney S 1954 TRC0401654A
Giffin, Alexis E 1990 CRB1800030
Gilbert, Benjamen B CRB1000170
Gilkey, Carl 1963 CRB0100556
Gilland, Timothy J 1968 CRB0600332
Gintz, Chad A 1973 TRD9601141
Glass, Cooper 1974 TRD2200322
Glazier, Kaitlin M 1983 CRB1900247
Gleason, Suzanne 1955 TRC9000897
Gleason, Thomas A 1954 TRD9001878
Glenn, Walter Jr 1963 TRD0303601A
Glowinski, Judith M 1963 CRB0100281
Gonter, Gregory P 1974 CRB0100384A
Goodgame, Terrell D 1983 TRD1202033A
Goodman, Anthony R 1977 CRB0700685
Gordon, Dustin 1987 CRB0700820
Grablovic, Cassandra M 1979 TRC1901698A
Grandstaff, Joseph D 1984 CRB1300504
Greathouse, Samantha S 1988 CRB1300326
Green, Mickey L 1962 CRB9800874
Green, Thomas E 1931 TRD0303859A
Greisen, Apollo 1990 CRB2100252
Grim, Burton 1964 CRA9600813
Grimmett, Nick 2004 TRD2201350A
Groff, Jason E 1986 CRB1800006A
Guay, Paul 1970 CRB9800585
Guinther, Jason P 1982 CRB0300795
Gunnoe, Carl R 1968 TRD0802293A
Guy, Dorothy A 1956 TRC9900703
Gween, Jane A 1954 CRB0100799
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Hall, Brandon T 1986 CRB1300662A
Hall, Curtis B Jr 1978 TRD1001255A
Hall, Earl C 1950 CRB1300695
Hall, Kenneth W 1970 TRC0202952A
Halstead, Amber R 1978 TRD0901144A
Hammon, Johnny II 1991 CRB1800888
Hammond, Angel L 1987 CRB1200311
Hammons, Zachary D 1985 CRB0800774A
Hanby, James D 1968 CRB1400011A
Hanes, David 1961 CRB1100244
Haney, Thomas 1968 CRB9700162
Hansen, Eric W 1969 CRB9700551
Hardy, Thomas R 1979 CRB2300112
Harper, Ben A 1975 CRB0100393A
Harper, Bruce L 1977 TRC9501540
Harr, Steven 1971 TRD0003335
Harris, Darnell M 1984 CRB0500293A
Harris, Jessica K 1981 TRD0700535A
Harvey, Russell H 1967 TRD0400587
Haught, Adeana A 1969 CRB0700064
Hayes, Tara L 1975 CRB2000138
Haynes, Alyssa L 1972 CRB0700218A
Hayward, Kaylor Y 1956 CRB0900646
Haywood, Brenda L 1958 CRB0200589A
Heade, Tonya 1985 CRB1100210
Healy, Matthew 1987 CRB1600382A
Heath, Carolyn Y 1981 CRB0900108
Heavilin, Christopher L 1985 CRB0300561G
Heben, Jeannie M 1971 TRD0900547A
Heimbuch, Philip M 1979 TRC0102171A
Henderson, Stephanie C 1949 TRD0302400A
Henderson, Terrence D 1989 CRB1000624A
Hendricks, James 1969 TRD0600779A
Henry, Austin J 1995 CRB1700548A
Hensley, Justin L 1989 CRB1400505A
Hensley, Valerie K 1959 CRB9500206
Henson, Michael M 1941 TRD1601332A
Henson, Michael M 1941 CRB1200470
Hernandez, Bartolo L 1974 CRB0800469
Herrera, Demitrio C 1979 TRD0303777A
Herrington, Joseph T 1995 CRB1600384A
Hickenbottom, Travis J 1972 CRB0100729
Hickman, Darrien A 1996 TRD1803098
Hickman, Leslie K 1970 TRD0800186A
Hicks, Samantha P 1986 TRD1501525A
Hickson, Otis 1967 TRD0901122
Hill, Denise M II 1990 CRB1700456B
Hilson, Kelly A 1976 TRD1001308A
Hilton, Herman L Jr 1961 TRD0800067A
Hiner, Mark A 1967 TRD1403363A
Holland, Susan A 1960 CRB1300401
Holler, Thomas 1984 CRB0400305
Holmes, Adrian Z 2002 CRB2300541
Holt, Gerald N Jr 1980 TRD2101607A
Holt, Jonathan H 1984 CRB0500669A
Holt, Sarah L 1977 TRD0600900A
Holtsberry, Oliver C 1991 TRD1101244A
Honeycutt, Matthew T 1984 TRC1301688A
Hooker, Lisa L 1974 TRD9600035
Hoover, Jacob M 1994 TRC1403726A
House, James L 1966 CRB0800365
Houts, Crystal A 1983 CRB0600825A
Howard, Todd W 1967 TRD0600523A
Hudson, Heather D 1986 TRD1700155
Hughes, Chad H 1988 CRB1300361A
Humbert, Amber M 1981 CRB0400571
Humphries, Michelle N 1991 CRB1900404
Hurley, Brian D 1974 CRB9800846
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Ixcoy, Bernardo 1971 TRD0001980
 JBack to Top
Jack, Shane L 1991 CRB1300287
Jackson, Joshua W 1990 CRB2100491
Jackson, Tammy 1977 CRB0100887
Janeda, Ryan K 1982 CRB1400109A
Jayroe, Brian D 1970 CRB0500178
Jeffries, Michele L 1964 CRB9500162
Jenkins, Frederick J 1973 TRC9701432
Jenkins, Justin C 1983 CRA2400259
Jett, Brian W 1972 CRB0400742
Johns, Desmond 1966 CRB1800853
Johnson, Christopher H 1968 CRB2000188A
Johnson, Craig L 1958 CRB0300355A
Johnson, Scott A 1967 TRC9900088
Johnson, Timothy R 1955 CRB1000650A
Johnson, Trenton J 1994 TRD1500369A
Johnson, Trevor S 1973 CRB1800597
Johnson, Virginia L 1973 TRD1101234A
Jones, Bradley A CRB9400036
Jones, Brandon M 1997 TRD2000338
Jones, Clarence S 1974 CRB9400195
Jones, Cody L 1997 CRB1600637
Jones, Daniel D 1962 TRD0600897A
Jones, Jamal D 1983 TRD0202665
Jones, Linda K 1950 TRC9801263
Jones, Melissa K 1968 TRD1801774A
Jones, Michael A 1985 CRB0500718
Jones, Spencer T 1979 CRB1300382
Jones, Timothy L 1964 CRB1800322
Jones, Timothy L 1964 CRB1800322
Jordan, David A 1963 CRB0200843
Jordan, Shirley M 1962 CRB1800419
Jost, Bruce A 1960 CRB9900976
Joyner, Elizabeth M 1996 CRB1800031
 KBack to Top
Kadri, James F III 1980 CRB1400567
Kaser, Lyle 1986 CRB1300767
Keller, Christopher S 1967 CRB0200858
Kellogg, Matthew J 1989 CRB2100116
Kelly, Megan L 1984 TRD0303250A
Kemp, Dominick J 1993 CRB1500145
Kenda, Louis A 1951 CRB9400049
Kendall, Tanner J 1993 CRB1400329
Kennedy, Brittany C 1992 TRD2301007A
Kennedy, Myles L 1992 CRB1400187
Kenney, David L 1953 TRD9701687
Kenney, Roy L II 1973 TRC1700198A
Kerns, Cynthia 1963 CRB1600318
Kerns, Stephen C 1981 CRB0300616A
Ketchem, Lance 1979 TRD0400041A
Ketchum, Brian C 1963 TRD0602073A
Kibler, Tichelle C 1992 TRD1701163A
Kidd, Chris J 1966 CRB9500718
Kidd, Cody 1992 CRB2200051
Kiehl, John H Jr 1957 TRC1100734A
King, Angelo M 1971 CRB1100597A
King, David L CRB9500168
Kinnaman, Lisa D 1968 CRB0100156
Kinney, Brita J 1963 CRB9400111
Klein, Joshua N 1983 TRD2101182A
Kleski, Justin J 1984 TRD1201570
Knight, Clay S 1965 TRC1002211A
Knight, Henry D 1969 CRB9400398
Knight, Michael D 1961 TRC9500989
Knittle, Kenneth 1987 TRD1300685A
Kovacs, Brian J 1982 CRB0200431
Kramer, John R Jr 1978 CRB2200237
Kutscher, Broch A 1989 CRB1900475
Kyle, Kevin C 1976 TRD0100886A
Kyle, Robert J III 1977 CRB0900326
 LBack to Top
Lacross, Mark R 1966 TRC1702797A
Lane, Christine M 1972 CRB0000908
Lane, Robbie D 1977 TRC1300909A
Lanum, Guy L 1975 CRB9600214
Lanzer, Daniel J 1974 CRB9500659
Lapointe, Jeramie P 1980 TRD1700874A
Laprade, William E 1969 CRB0100699
Larreunaga, Jose I 1966 TRC9602086
Larrick, Travis A 1985 CRB1600254A
Larrison, Yancey M 1974 TRC9501838
Latimore, James E 1976 TRD0702494
Laurin, Wayde J 1960 CRB0400738
Law, Robert H 1952 CRB0000633
Law, Sarah A 1961 CRB0100192
Lawson, Tina 1980 CRB0200174
Lawver, Charles 1972 CRB0400726A
Leasure, Ryan M 1977 TRD0303267
Leatherman, Kenneth R 1956 TRC0202245A
Ledger, Aaron N 1993 CRB1100502
Lee, Catherine L 1964 TRD9301733
Lee, Joe E 1948 CRB0400833
Lees, Justin A 1974 CRB1400236
Leforce, Robert A 1972 TRC0800470A
Lenarz, April D 1985 CRB2200478
Lenarz, Tonya D 1969 CRB0300114
Leo, Joseph S 1973 TRC9901161
Lerch, Judy L 1960 CRB9600804
Lester, Tyler T 1995 CRB1900417
Leuschke, Laura E 1987 TRD1501527
Lewis, Bruce A 1971 CRB1200444A
Liggett Maloney, Laura A 1958 TRD0602095A
Lillie, Harold Jr 1967 CRB1800879
Lillie, Kevin L 1974 CRB2300066
Lindsey, Marcus A 1974 TRD1101446A
Lint, Brenda M 1969 CRB0300654
Litzenberg, Joshua L 1977 CRB0000571
Llewellyn, Ryan M 1992 CRB1700478A
Lockwood, George R 1974 CRB9500784
Lomans, Dakota B 1992 TRC1702017A
Long, Clinton B 1992 TRD1702850A
Long, Robert B IV 1985 CRB1200501A
Long, Robert E 1958 TRC9501551
Lopez, Diego O 1994 CRB1900464
Lopez, Miguel A 1982 TRC0701292A
Lopez, Selina M 1966 TRD9601743
Loudner, Rita 1983 CRB1200602
Love, Jeremy D 1989 TRD0900410A
Lovelace, Ronelle 1991 CRB1000561
Lowe, David M 1957 CRB9700577
Lowrey, Todd D 1970 TRD0000013
Lucas, Benjamin W 1977 TRD2300596A
Lucas, Dennis M 1973 CRB9500527
Luce, John K 1971 CRB0100687
Lucius, Christopher L 1912 TRD1000529A
Luke, Aaron E 1972 TRD0500426
Lutz, Dennis G 1955 CRB9700103
Lyons, Christopher T 1984 CRB0900210A
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Maggard, Steven V 1983 TRD0702376
Mahaffey, Jessica L 1999 TRD1902327
Malddnado, Delfino M 1991 TRD1202617A
Mandeville, Charles L 1980 CRB1200338A
Mangun, Kevin 1983 TRD0600758A
Manning, Jamie M 1991 CRB1300166
Mansfield, Christina 1976 TRD0002020
Maple, Jamie 1976 CVI0100141
Marcum, Clinton 1957 TRD0500744A
Marcum, Keith T 1991 TRC1000227A
Marshall, Robert CRB1800880
Martin, Cheryl L 1959 CRB2200184
Martin, Jacob L 1991 CRB1700419
Martin, Kimberly D 1962 TRD1600026A
Marvin, Jacob M 1977 CRB1200372A
Mason, Melvin O 1968 CRB1800291A
Mast, Joseph D CRB1400578
Masters, Frank CRB9700276
Mateo, Wilson 1970 CRB0400134A
Matis, Barbara A 1971 TRD2300020A
Matthews, Lucas R 1979 TRC0201288A
Maxwell, Dustin W 1990 TRC0902061A
Maxwell, Michelle L 1984 CRB0900056
May, Chelsie 1987 CRB1800564
May, Lisa E CRB9700356
May, Wilson H III 1982 CRB1400704A
Mayle, Andrea S 1982 CRB0400309
Mays, David A 1965 CRB0300676
Mc Kain, Marcia L 1967 TRD0001207
Mcallister, John L 1971 CRB0100018A
Mcbride, Aaron W 1976 TRC0303375A
Mccauley, Dale A 1967 TRD0201043A
Mccauley, Paul K 1943 TRC9102121
Mcclung, Jennifer 1971 TRD0901803A
Mccoun, Scott A 1971 CRB9500493
Mccune, Martin E 1980 CRB1600508A
Mcelroth, Adam W 1978 TRD0600004A
Mcghee, Cedric E Sr 1982 CRB2400086
Mcgonagle, James A 1956 CRB0700377
Mckee, Richard E 1998 TRD2400172A
Mckenzie, Vernon N 1969 TRC0900842A
Mckinney, Diondre D 2002 CRB2100486
Mckissick, Mack D 1958 CRB1500210
Mcmasters, Jennifer S 1973 TRD9800572
McNeil, Dennis B 1961 TRD1601068A
Mcneil, Dennis B 1961 CRB2300251
Mcneil, Thomas J 1980 TRD0202448
Mcphillen, Michael F 1975 CRB9500694
Mcvay, Randi M 1991 CRB2300260A
Mcvicker, Kenneth L 1967 CRB0100178
Mcwilliams, Donald Jr 1958 CRB0100333
Mead, Donald M 1967 TRC1001058A
Meadows, Tiffany L 1982 TRD0700173A
Mee, Paul 1948 TRC9502315
Meek, David 1970 CRB1200153
Meese, Timothy M 1976 CRB1800626
Meinhart, Kelly D 1983 TRD1601591A
Melchor, Brenda K 1959 TRD9700684
Mells, Deaundre L 1985 CRB0600426
Meloy, Mark 1968 CRB0300375
Mendez, Dolores R 1943 CRB0400760
Mendez, Kimberley A 1962 CRB1400527
Mendoza, Francisco M 1978 TRD1401036A
Mendoza, Rosalio 1975 TRC9902261
Menefee, Christie 1974 CRB9500341
Menefee, Melissa A 1981 TRD0802107
Mihm, Eric A 1954 CRB0000454
Miles, Joshua C 1991 CRB1100503A
Miller, Charles M 1984 TRD0401442A
Miller, Chelsea 1990 CRB0900242
Miller, Cheyenne J 1986 CRB1100478
Miller, Daniel J 1975 TRD1100934
Miller, David CRB9500686
Miller, Dustin C 1981 TRC0301139A
Miller, Jamil K 1990 CRB1400334
Miller, John R 1995 CRB1300681
Miller, Justin T 1988 CRB1500633A
Miller, Robert W 1964 CRB1300637
Miller, Tim A 1963 TRC0201766A
Miller, William E 1968 CRB9900480
Milligan, Leslie 1968 CRB0100323
Mitchell, Bill L 1966 CRB0100528A
Mitter, Donald L 1948 CRB0100859
Mohler, James K 1968 TRD0201411A
Mojica, Victor M 1982 TRD0700093A
Moler, Brian T 1983 CRB2000400
Molinaro, Nichols W 1998 CRB1700026
Monroe, Leeland E 1991 TRD2101365A
Montoya Soto, Jose 1997 TRD2200980A
Moore, David R 1969 CRB0000093
Moore, Roland CVI0100215
Moore, Terry 1963 CRB0200311
Moreland, Mallisa F 1967 TRD2400662A
Morris, Devin A 1992 CRB2300189
Morris, James P 1961 CRB1700490
Morris, Robert C 1959 TRD0202765
Morrison, William CRB9500634
Mosley, David R 1969 CRB9400124
Moss, Paul L Sr 1928 TRC9903473A
Mulner, Wayne 1945 TRD9603250
Munro, Daravanh 1984 CRB1300290
Murphy, Brett A 1969 CRB0900517
Murray, Edward R 1964 CRB9900548
Murray, Travis L 1982 CRB2000445
Muth, Johnna S 1993 TRD2200444A
Myers, Clayton M 1988 TRD1501801A
Myers, Vincent M 1958 CRB9800404
 NBack to Top
Nalley, Brent M 1994 CRB1300748
Napier, Keith Jr CVF0100612
Naranjo Suarez, Pavel M 1993 CRB1700570
Naranjo, Audencio 1979 CRB0600427
Naranjo, Pavel M 1993 CRB1700598
Navedo, Felino J 1971 CRB1200690
Nelson, Alicia D 1978 CRB0100441
Nelson, Brenda 1969 CVI9700218
Nesselroad, Richard N 1983 CRB0400090
Nichols, Christopher W 1978 TRD0700253A
Niedzaikowski, Cara M 1986 TRD1301140
Noel, Jeremy N 1979 CRB0800177
Norfleet, Willie D Jr 1977 TRC0300158A
Norris, Lloyd R 1949 TRC9400963
Nowell, Lemarr A 1983 CRB1200627
Nugent, Michael D 1958 TRC2300892A
 OBack to Top
Odwyre, Charles R 1981 CRB0000417
Offutt, Brent A 1973 TRD9501431
Ondich, Frances M 1968 TRC0002264
Oneal, James G 1951 CRB9900712
Ong, Aaron D 1974 TRD9802057
Ortiz, Jessica L 1977 CRB0600030
Oswalt, Ellery R 1986 CRB0900380
 PBack to Top
Page, Merlin A 1975 CRB0700294
Page, Robert F 1986 TRD2101758A
Page, Shawna M 1987 CRB1500220A
Parker, Joshua A 1982 CRB0600315
Parks, Misty M 1981 TRD2201246
Parris, Melissa R 1970 TRD9803070
Patfield, Nathan C 1978 TRD0601349A
Patterson, Bruce J 1953 CRB0100692
Patterson, Crystal A 1968 TRD9700317
Patterson, Shirley 1964 CRB1000464
Peck, Aaron L 1952 CRB2200469
Pehanich, Amber L 1988 CRB0800429
Pena, Joel J 1987 TRD0900447A
Perez, Esmundo F 1997 TRC1901489A
Perez, Esmundo F 1997 TRC1902059A
Pfeffer, David J 1962 CRB9700713
Phillips, Josh C 1982 TRD1200931A
Phillips, Joshua B 1985 CRB0900567
Phillips, Rodney J 1970 TRD9701012
Phillips, Timothy R Jr 1985 CRB1400343
Phillips, Todd A 1991 CRB1400750
Pickens, Matthew G 1976 CRB0100508
Pipes, Shannon D 1974 TRD9600367
Pittenger, Eariam V 1969 CRB2300082
Pittman, William S 1962 TRC9400769
Poole, Hope L 1994 CRB1300263
Porter, Johnathan E 1978 TRD1200288A
Postel, Timothy W 1972 CRB0500002
Posten, Michael W 1977 CRB0100846
Potts, Chad D 1979 TRC0102090
Potts, Eddie D 1971 TRD1300704A
Powell, Tyrone D Jr 1985 CRB1600112
Pratt, Robert E 1958 CRB9400341
Presutti, Charles A Jr 1978 TRC0302351A
Price, Darren L 1982 CRB0000596
Pugh, Laura J 1982 CRB1100515
Pulli, Edward L 1946 CRB9700412
 QBack to Top
Quarles, Johnathon M 1996 TRD1403416A
Quintero, Fabian 1993 TRD1400367A
 RBack to Top
Rader, Michael J 1974 TRD0700567
Rainelli, Susan L 1959 CRB9500330
Ramirez, Gregorio 1984 TRD1300051A
Ramos, Roberto Jr 1991 TRC1202578A
Randle, Anthony L 1967 TRD0800420A
Rankin, Steven R 1980 CRB0100728
Raymundo, Isaias C 1997 TRC2301606A
Redman, Douglas 1966 CRB0100876
Reed, Dinae J 1986 TRD2301027A
Reed, Jessica C 1987 TRD0601879A
Reeder, Jodi N 1973 TRD1102379A
Reeger, Jonathan E 1987 TRD1802844A
Regula, Steven L 1984 TRD0400964A
Render, Kerry M 1988 CRB1800567
Renicker, Robert L 1994 CRB2200389A
Rennicker, Corey W 1989 CRB0800257
Reyes, Israle D 1969 CRB9600230
Reynolds, Mark P 1956 CRB9300210
Rhodes, Robert A 1973 CRB9500263
Richards, Aaron L 1994 CRB2200498
Richards, Beatrice R 1957 CRB0700273
Richardson, Joseph J 1978 CRB0100503
Richwine, Patricia L CRB9900303
Ridgeway, Melvin W 1949 CRB0100842
Riehl, John P 1978 CRB1100233
Riley, Michael T 1966 CRB1000402
Risner, Ernest S Jr 1983 TRD1401535A
Ritchey, Robert C 1983 TRC0400957A
Ritterbeck, Cory J 1987 CRB1900237A
Rivers, Louis 1980 TRD0800499A
Robb, Charles W Jr 1947 CRB0700376
Roberts, Cory L 1980 CRB1300794
Roberts, Kevin E 1971 TRD0400230A
Roberts, William E 1968 CRB1200310A
Roberts, Yvonne W 1982 TRC1101177A
Robinson, Deanna J 1961 TRC0002709
Robinson, Dominique 1988 TRD0901896A
Robinson, Wayne L 1954 CRB0100534
Roby, Trevor A 1995 CRB1900433A
Roche, Francis A 1959 TRC9701626
Rodeheaver, Tina M 1960 TRD0500431A
Rodgers, Jeffrey A 1981 TRD0900010A
Rodriguez, Rickey O 1972 CRB1200459
Roe, Duane M 2015 CRB1500043
Rojo, Juan J 1977 TRC1301182A
Roman, Adrian 1984 TRD1101583A
Rosales, Norberto G 1990 TRC2200672A
Rose, Theresa L 1970 TRD1301574A
Ross, Corey D 1990 TRD2100079A
Roup, Cathy 1955 CRB0200191
Roup, Shawn D 1981 TRD0002667
Rowe, Ronald D 1957 TRC9500203
Rubins, Jesse L 1984 CRB1400156
Rucker, Justin D 1981 TRD0302697A
Runyon, John A 1964 TRD0001233
Runyun, Eric J 1982 CRB0300502
Rupp, Jeraud L 1989 TRD2301160A
Rush, Justin 1989 TRD1000349A
Russell, Gerald R 1965 TRD9800797
Russell, Shawnte Y 1981 TRD0600169A
Ruth, Amanda S 1979 CRB1300070
Rutter, Misty 1982 CRB2000428
Ryan, Alissa 1984 CRB0500607A
Ryder, Michael W 1959 TRD0801031A
Ryser, Dale D 1975 CRB1200173A
 SBack to Top
Saffell, William L 1961 CRB1000389
Salazar, Felix Jr 1976 TRD1301529A
Salazar, Joseph D 1979 TRD0600809A
Salines, Linda 1968 TRD0301787A
Salmon, Tommie J 1975 CRB0300139
Salyers, Cody P 1991 CRB1000307
Sammons, Christy L 1966 CRB0100415
Sammons, Sherry K 1962 TRD0303565A
Sanchez Sosa, Jorge 1984 TRC0600044A
Sanchez, Rafael M 1987 TRD0701322A
Sanders, Angela M 1982 CRB2000074
Sanders, Donna M 1954 CRB1700421
Sansom, Trevor A 1987 CRB2100087
Santimarino, David J 1960 TRC9701641
Sargent, Arlen B 1956 TRC0802009A
Sasso Sr, Bryan A 1974 CRB1000306
Savelli, Eric R 1987 CRB2200178
Schafer, Edward J 1991 CRB1000333A
Schaffer, Jacqueline K 1978 CRB1600555
Schlabach, Steven L 1965 CRB2200433
Schleining, Harley D 1979 TRC0303104A
Schnake, David R 1959 TRC0600823A
Schnuck, Robert E 1973 TRD0501313A
Schrader, Charles C 1989 CRB1500490
Schrader, Jennifer L 1979 TRD0702349A
Schrimsher, Bronson E 1989 CRB1500184A
Schwab, Kari A 1978 CRB2200390
Scott, Laurie A 1974 CRB1300734
Scott, Randy L 1949 TRD9801704
Sedlock, Robert P 1959 CRB0000516
Seiber, Amanda L 1982 CRB0200480
Sellards, Deanna R 1977 CRB1300486
Severt, Lori A 1957 CRB0600523
Seward, Thomas W 1964 TRC1300078A
Sewell, Bucky J 1978 CRB0900403
Sexton, Dustie R 1983 CRB1000755A
Shaffer, Chasidy D 1976 CRB1500636
Shall, Natasha M 1984 CRB0300166
Sharp, Marcus E 1981 TRD0902699A
Sheets, Rebecca L 1977 TRD2301340A
Shepard, Mark D 1973 TRC0600560A
Shivers Jr, Curtis E 1951 TRC9402409
Short, Michele A 1964 CRB9500504
Shreve, Terry J 1980 TRC2000577A
Shriver, Justin J 1989 CRB1500276
Siders, Meryl A 1973 TRC0203122A
Simmons, Kellie 1973 CRB1300402
Simpson, Steven L 1959 CRB1400299A
Sindledecker, Andrea P 1981 TRD1403308A
Sindledecker, Charles A II 1981 CRB1400612A
Sines, Michael J 1982 CRB1000380
Skinner, Glenn D 2001 TRD2400043A
Skolinsky, Steven J 1966 TRD0300016
Slater, Donald Jr 1970 TRD1400900A
Slater, Ebonee A 1983 TRD1701082A
Slentz, Allen 1955 CRB9500425
Slone, Jennifer K 1983 CRB1400359
Slone, Melissa 1960 CRB1500068A
Small, Keith R 1956 CRB9500479
Smith, Alyssa M 1997 CRB2100444A
Smith, Christopher L 1966 CRB0300662
Smith, David D 1973 TRD1501444A
Smith, Jason W 1973 CRB2000563
Smith, Jason W 1973 CRB2100161
Smith, Jeremy J 1973 CRB2100281
Smith, Jeremy J 1973 TRD2101234A
Smith, Jesmon J 1990 CRB1200779A
Smith, Lexus M 1996 CRB1600505
Smith, Mitchell R 1981 TRC1800458A
Smith, Nathan E 1984 TRC2101554A
Smith, Robert A 1974 CRB9500366
Smith, Rosemarie F 1973 TRD0903044A
Smith, Wade M 1987 TRC0902936A
Snuffer, Melissa R 1986 CRB1800477
Snyder, Darrel S 1972 TRD0501147A
Snyder, Michelle D 1969 CRB1500030A
Soirez, Joshua H 1984 CRB1400046
Solomon, Vincent L 1983 TRD0201511
Soto, Anthony L 1983 TRD0802225A
Soto, John M 1960 CRB9700755
Spacht, Kimberly A 1960 CRB2100070
Spann, William E 1974 CRB9900080
Spargur, Kyle 1991 CRB1600406
Speedy, Joseph W 1980 CRB1100253
Speer, Matthew W 1979 TRD2301491A
Spelic, Franklin J 2001 TRD2101578
Spellman, George V 1984 TRD2200898A
Spitler, Gary L 1975 CRB1400088
Springfield, Cheney C 1998 TRC2201590A
Squires, Jerry L 1969 CRB0200399
Squires, Melissa Y 1971 CRB0700662
Stackhouse, Justin D 1990 CRB2000216
Staggers, Jason E 1976 TRC0601390A
Stalnaker, Bryan A 1966 TRD1400869A
Stanley, Susan M CRB9900989
Stanton, Dana J 1963 CRB1000153
Starcher, Ronald L 1946 TRC9201577
Starkey Rains, Jill R 1986 TRD1301403
Starkey, Anthony L 1971 CRB0000048
Starkey, Steven L 1953 TRD1001033A
Stavole, Claudine 1978 TRD9902251
Stephan, Allen J 1980 TRD1101697A
Stephen, Angela F 1978 TRD0101190A
Stephen, Robert B 1980 CRB0100149
Stephens, Jason W 1978 CRB1100304
Stephens, Tara N 1991 CRB1900490
Stevens, Dontrel Q 1991 CRB2000493A
Stevens, Joshua L 1988 TRC2400067A
Stevens, Preston D 1984 TRD0601246
Stine, Donald E 1984 TRC1802059A
Stocker, Ashley M 1992 CRB1900646
Stoll, Dale 1958 CRB0100844
Stowers, Brian M 1987 TRD0900626A
Strang, Bruce A 1963 TRC9302560
Streeter, Caroline S 1963 CRB0300669
Strickland, Jason L 1979 TRD0602077A
Striker, Jason S 1982 CRB0100146
Striker, Lisa A 1973 CRB0000072
Stringer, Grace N 1993 CRB2300213A
Stubbs, James L 1980 TRD1800344A
Stults, Michael W 1978 TRC0302377A
Sullivan, David M 1968 TRD9600644
Summers, Megan S 1988 CRB2200120
Summers, Megan S 1988 CRB2300163
Sutton, Heather M 1987 CRB1100101A
Swaney, Chance A 1996 TRD2101698A
Sweet, Bueford W 1960 TRC9502128
Sweitzer, William R 1971 CRB1800784
Sydenstricker, Jeffrey S 1970 TRC9400637
 TBack to Top
Talkington, Dale E 1981 CRB9900641
Tapia, Jauier F 1982 TRD0701823A
Tarleton, David A 1974 TRC0101547A
Tawney, Russell E 1972 TRC9700805
Taylor, Arnold 1989 CRB1000562
Taylor, Emilio A 1990 TRC1801521A
Taylor, Robert 1943 TRC9300051
Taylor, Steven R 1979 CRB0200877A
Taylor, Timothy W 1975 CRB0700717
Temple, Jason M 1978 CRB1000612
Tennant, Robert L 1945 TRD0000935
Tepper, Robert D 1962 TRD1100401A
Terrin, Marshall W 1986 TRD1401384A
Thigpen, Jason H 1971 TRC9900681
Thomas, Curtis 1977 CRB0700138
Thomas, Davaughn 1991 CRB1300439
Thomas, Mona L 1963 TRC0100653A
Thompson, David S 1956 TRC9701901
Thompson, Elizabeth C CRB9900278
Thompson, Jamie L 1970 CRB0300665
Thompson, Robert W 1970 CRB1000672A
Thompson, Terry L 1962 TRC9902184
Thompson, Tyren 1994 CRB2000080
Thorn, Curtis B Jr 1982 TRD0300145A
Thornton, Jesse W 1972 CRB0300835
Tidmore, Alvin 1985 CRB1800444A
Timmons, Jeremy R 1982 CRB2000478
Timmons, Wendy A 1983 TRD1601340
Tinney, Grace E 1970 TRC0600466A
Tipton, Walter R 1974 CRB9700096
Tittle, Charles A 1955 TRC8700868
Toles, Gary L 1961 TRC0200398A
Toll, Mark M 1981 CRB0500900
Tomak, Nicole R 1979 TRC0203276A
Torgler, Matthew A 1990 TRD2201778
Torres, Tomas E 1978 TRC0001825
Tracy, Dakota J 1996 CRB2400073
Tracy, Dakota J 1996 CRB2400227A
Trice, Adam S 1992 CRB2100355
Trillo, Miguel A 1984 TRC1300897A
Triplett, Walter L 1964 TRD0401116
Tucker, Carl G 1947 TRD9001591
Tucker, Danielle 1984 TRC1902571A
Tudor, Willis E 1976 CRB2100165A
Turner, Edward 1956 CRB0000357
Turner, Jordan 2002 CRB2200093
Twaddle, James M CRB9800317
Tyler, Preston 1958 CRB1000580A
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Ueltschy, Eric S 1960 CRB0700315A
Ueltschy, Michael T 1966 TRD1501284A
Underwood, Janice M 1974 TRD9401099
 VBack to Top
Vail, Tony L 1982 TRD0602426A
Valazquez, Valentin M 1974 TRC0602101A
Valez, Cruzita 1948 TRD9602831
Vanfossen, Kevin L 1967 CRB1700520
Vanpelt, Thomas E 1980 TRD0800614A
Varnes, Randall L 1951 TRC0000253
Vint, Mary CRB9300200
Vogel, Curt 1972 TRD1001295A
Vogelsong, Amanda R 1992 CRB2200363A
Vollmer, Christopher E 1979 CRB9800435
 WBack to Top
Wagner, Landon D 1989 CRB1900190
Walker, Bryce A 1984 CRB1300437
Walker, Jeffrey R 1980 CRB0500167A
Walker, Robby J 1965 CRB0300495
Walker, Russell Jr 1988 TRD1000113
Walker, Victoria M 1993 CRB2200037
Walker, William F 1946 TRC1200808
Wall, Howard E 1958 CRB9500786
Wallace Sr, Dorian E 1986 CRB2200166
Wallace, Alysha D 1977 CRB9600530
Wallace, Billy M 1974 TRD1100432A
Wallace, Buddy E 1944 CRB9500148
Wallace, Craig S 1976 CRB9500141
Wallace, Dorian E 1986 CRB2200171
Walters, Jeremy D 1978 TRD0800461A
Walton, James J 1959 CRB9800274
Walton, Kelly J 1962 CRB2000559
Walton, Randy J 1986 CRB0500678
Wangler, Terry 1978 TRD1300655A
Ward, Christopher S 1981 CRB1300193
Ware, Brenda L 1958 CRB0400533
Warren, Paul J 1968 TRD0500241
Warren, Robert F 1991 TRD2100925
Waters, Daniel J 1981 TRD1102444
Watkins, Timothy L 1955 TRC0802503A
Watson, Corey R 1975 CRB9600526
Watts, Clifton L 1959 TRD9503150
Wayman, Daniel S 1986 CRB1200273
Weaver, John C 1955 TRC9301276
Webb, William R 1984 CRB1300100
Weber, Beau M 1983 CRB0600822
Webster, Alan N 1951 TRD9702948
Weiss, Samuel 1984 TRD1503970A
Werner, Matthew L 1968 TRD2200579A
West, Beau R 1999 CRB2000516A
West, Dawn M 1978 CRB0400352
West, Jonathan D 1973 CRB9700079
White, Anjeloque M 1986 TRD0800298A
White, Eva J 1941 CRB1700491
White, Joe 1969 TRD0101240A
White, Nichole R 1990 TRD1100258A
Whyde, Douglas E 1964 TRD1602809A
Wiggins, Amber S 1994 CRB1900595
Wilbert, Michael R 1978 CRB0000600
Wilfong, Michelle L 1973 CRB9800082
Wilkes, Daniel 1978 CRB1300549
Williams, Angela M 1966 TRD1101976A
Williams, Bonnie R CRB9400035
Williams, Chad 1978 TRD9903187
Williams, Delmer L Jr 1964 CRB1300484A
Williams, Jason T 1979 CRB1200711A
Williams, John L 1998 TRC1900055A
Williams, Michelle T 1974 TRC1001304A
Williams, Ondra 1949 CRB0100698
Williams, Richard S 1969 TRD0300422A
Williamson, Clarence II 1979 CRB0400214A
Williamson, Sim W 1978 CRB0300173
Willkett, Ronald S CRB9700354
Willkett, Ronald S 1961 CRB9500020
Wills, Richard C 1992 TRD1702330A
Wilmes, William H 1958 CRB1000175
Wilson, Kathy M CRB9700140
Wilson, Leona 1943 CRB1700106
Wilson, Paul C 1938 TRD9402343
Wilson, Scott W 1962 TRC9401834
Wilson, Stephanie R 1990 CRB1100430
Winrod, Julie A 1969 CRB9500603
Wise, Robert T Jr 1958 TRD0500229
Wiseman, Jimmy L 1963 CRB0700477
Wolfe, Caleb A 1998 CRB2100022
Wood, Bobby J 1992 CRB1300537
Wood, Charles A 1943 TRC9201922
Wood, Ciera L 1992 CRB2300374A
Wood, Richard L 1969 TRC9502739
Woodburn, Jennifer J 1966 CRB0000128
Woodburn, Tracy D 1971 TRD9400198
Woods, Judith E 1975 CRB2000172
Woods, Trudy E 1971 CRB9500681
Woodyard, Joseph A 1948 TRD0800555
Worth, David M 1973 CRB0700192
Wren, Jason M 1976 CRB0200627
Wright, Brandon M 1989 CRB1700145
Wright, Dustin S 1982 TRC0301381A
Wright, Jason A 1973 TRC1302485A
Wright, Taylan S 1993 CRB1900620
Wright, Thomas A III 1987 CRB0700173
Wylie, Roger A 1988 CRB1400074
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Yeagle, Daniel L 1997 CRB1700055
Yohe, Michael J 1978 TRD0900168A
Young Jr, Carl W 1973 TRD0802252A
Young, Chad S 1971 TRD9402950
Young, Dale M 1956 TRD9301663
Young, Douglas R 1949 CRB0800819
Young, Sarah J 1974 TRC1200785A
 ZBack to Top
Zeigler, Stephen F 1988 CRB0800230
Zirhut, Megan L 1992 CRB1400625
Zornes, Garrick D 1989 TRD1702778A
Zuniga, Fernando 1983 TRC0800663A